No Borders Orchestra


In December 2011 the NBO auditions took place in eight cities of the ex Yugoslavia region: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Pristina and Skopje. The audition in each city was organized in cooperation with our partners, most relevant festivals and institutions in the region – Jugokoncert (Bemus Festival), Jeunesses Musicales (Nomus Festival), Festival Ljubljana, Croatian Composers Society (Music Biennale Zagreb), Sarajevo Winter Festival, Montenegrin Music Centre, Remusica Festival, Kammerfest, Ohrid Summer Festival and Faculty of Music Skopje.

This exciting tour offered the possibility to meet and listen to over 150 great professional musicians from the region. We met creative and open minded people willing to play together, to connect and share.

We have also experienced different cultures, which will be the core of our inspiration – very valuable for the NBO.

The selection jury consisted of two members – Premil Petrović, conductor and artistic director of NBO and representatives of partner-festivals:
Belgrade – Ivan Brkljačić, composer, selector of the International Composers Review and Patrick de Clerck, NBO creative manager
Novi Sad – Marija Adamov, musicologist, selector of the Nomus Festival
Zagreb – Krešimir Seletković, composer, artistic director of the Music Biennale Zagreb
Ljubljana – Veronika Brvar, musicologist, Head of Programme Department of the Festival Ljubljana
Sarajevo – Ognjen Bomoštar, composer and conductor, selector of the Sarajevo Winter Festival
Podgorica – Žarko Mirković, composer and Director of Montenegrin Music Center
Priština – Aleksandar Lekovski Lekaj, Composer and Conductor
Skopje – Gordana Josifova Nedelkovska, Dean of the Faculty of Music – Skopje and Selector of the Ohrid Summer Festival