No Borders Orchestra

23. August 2018

This summer NBO kicked off The Balkan Season 2018 Tour, an annual tour dedicated to bringing NBO’s music and message to the Balkans and Europe in years to come. For 2018, the touring string ensemble of the orchestra consisted of 19 musicians from 8 countries based in the Western Balkans and Western Europe and toured 4 cities – Budva, Prizren , Sarajevo and Belgrade. Playing in both traditional and avant-garde venues, NBO drew audiences from all walks of life, uniting them, as it does the musicians, in their diversity with the passion, drama and joy of their music.
From start to finish, the tour was a testament to the abiding spirit of friendship and cooperation that continues to thrive in the region, transcending borders and a history of conflict. NBO is proud to create spaces for that spirit to manifest.


24. March, 2015.

“The Opening” was recorded at the Slovenian Philharmonic Hall in Ljubljana where NBO was headlining the Ljubljana Festival. No Borders Orchestra debut album “The Opening” has been released on Universal Music Austria/Deutsche Grammophon on March 24th.
First release, entitled “The Opening” expresses NBO’s unapologetically fresh and innovative approach, conveys the raw energy of a group of young, open-minded and extraordinarily talented musicians performing traditional pieces of music by Sergei Prokofiev, Richard Wagner and Zoltán Kodály alongside a modern composition “The Horses of Saint Mark” by Serbian-born, internationally acclaimed composer Isidora Žebeljan.


7. December, 2014.

NBO just came back home from a huge European tour! In its chamber version, NBO had big success throughout Europe, performing the new production of Verdi/Cassol opera “Macbeth”, with excellent singers from South Africa and directed by a controversial star director Brett Bailey, in the production of The Third World Bun Fight from Cape Town. We got standing ovations and rave reviews on festivals like Wiener Festwochen in Vienna, Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Festival d`Automne in Paris, , Operadagen Rotterdam, Theaterformen in Braunschweig as well as in Barbican in London, Lisbon etc.
This postcolonial opera production with black singers only, which tells a story about the thirst for power, greed, hatred, crime and revenge, is set in contemporary Congo. Singers from the post-apartheid country together with musicians from the post-war zone in Europe speak about the conflict in Congo, where only in the last twenty years over five million people were killed. By thematizing colonialism, post-colonialism and racism in Africa within this project, NBO goes beyond the borders of former Yugoslavia. The story of the conflict and the need to overcome boundaries between people and nations in our region elevates this opera on a universal level. On the artistic side, we thematized the role of orchestra within the opera and erased the boundary that traditionally divides musicians and singers: in this performance, the orchestra is on the stage together with the singers. Additionally, in the rehearsals the orchestra and the singers were meditating and doing energy exercises together, which resulted in an extremely unusual and intense connection between musicians and singers, as well as a completely new and engaging way of playing.


21. August, 2013

NBO recorded at the end of summer tour in Ljubljana first CD for Universal. The recording was accomplished by the team of Teldex Studio Berlin. CD is expected to come out in March 2014.


28. May, 2013

Milos Karadaglic, guitar star of Deutsche Grammophon, confirmed the summer tour with NBO!


16 April, 2013

Premil Petrovic has been awarded the City of Belgrade Prize for the best music performance in 2012, i.e. for his concert with No Borders Orchestra at the Opening of the 44th BEMUS Festival. This is the most important award of the City of Belgrade. Dear NBO musicians, this award is yours as well!

The same day we received another amazing news: Robert Bosch Stiftung will support NBO summer tour!