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Sir Geoffrey Nice QC (1945) is an English lawyer since 1971, a part time judge in various jurisdictions between 1983 and 2018 and adviser of the NBO since 2014.

Between 1998 and 2006 he was lead prosecutor for the UN in the trials of Dario Kordić & Mario Čerkez, Goran Jelesić and Slobodan Milošević at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

Nice is a founding Trustee of The Charitable Keyboard Trust since 1991 and Co-founded the Geoffrey Nice Foundations in 2014 which delivers multi-disciplinary master classes for participants from all parts of former Yugoslavia, and elsewhere, providing cross-national educational opportunities for students, researchers, and academics.

He is Emeritus Professor of Law at London’s Gresham College. Seventeen of his twenty-four public lectures delivered at Gresham College between 2012 and 2016 were published in 2017 as ‘Justice For All’ by Scala Publishers. Several of those lectures concern the 1990s wars of the Western Balkans (former Yugoslavia).

Nice was the chair of the 2018-2020 China Tribunal, a people’s tribunal into ‘forced organ harvesting’ from prisoners of conscience in China.

He chairs the 2020-2021 Uyghur Tribunal, investigating China’s alleged genocide and crimes against humanity against Uyghur and other Muslim populations in China.

Nice has worked for victims of the North Korean Regime, the Rohingya Muslims and other victim groups around the world.

He is a regular commentator in the media on world affairs, mostly involving armed conflicts and regularly concerning the former Yugoslavia.